Credit Card Fraud Prevention

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Keeping your personal and financial information secure in the digital world can be challenging. As mobile phones and applications make it easier to purchase goods online, they also provide hackers with greater opportunities to steal your bank and credit card information. Despite the risks, there are certain credit card fraud prevention measures you can take to insure that your money stays in your pocket.

Four Credit Card Fraud Prevention Measures

By following these useful credit card prevention tips from Instabill, you can protect your money and payment information.

Only Shop on Secure Sites

In most instances, credit card fraud happens over the internet. If you enter your credit card information onto an unsecured website, hackers can exploit the site and find your credit card number. Six people successfully used this method in one of the largest US hacking operations in history. When shopping online, always look for the https:// in your browser’s address bar, especially on checkout or payment pages.

Coordinate with Your Bank

Most issuing banks provide anti-fraud security measures that you could take advantage of to stop fraud before it happens. As credit card fraud amounted to $11 billion in 2012, many issuing banks are creating mobile apps and programs that alert you when your bank account or credit card seem to be compromised. You can contact your issuing bank to ask about their anti-fraud services.

Know Where Your Credit Card Information Is Saved

With web-based payment services like PayPal and mobile apps created to purchase goods with your credit card more easily, many people spread their card information in more places than they should. Always be aware of the places you save your credit card information and make sure they are secure, legitimate, and password-protected services.

Secure Your Mobile Device

Smartphones provide an efficient way to make purchases, pay bills, and more. With more and more smartphones owners saving their credit card information on their devices, they have become targets for those.

Always Have a Backup Plan

Although credit card prevention is an easy practice, you should always be prepared just in case someone gains access to your card number. Make sure you have the appropriate contact information for your issuing bank on hand so you can get ahold of a representative if your credit card seems compromised. Monitor the balance on your bill and keep track of what you purchase—this will help you catch any discrepancies.

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