Refund Versus Chargeback

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As explained in the article What Is a Credit Card Chargeback? , a chargeback occurred when Leroy contacted his credit card issuing bank to dispute a charge on his billing statement that he did not authorize. He was unaware that his wife, Mary, purchased weight loss supplements online from George, the merchant.

Ultimately with chargebacks, the goal is get back funds from a purchase that left you unsatisfied — or even a purchase you did not authorize. To most, this sounds just like a refund, but it is not. So, what is the difference between a refund versus chargeback?

Understanding Refunds

If Leroy called George to discuss the transaction and request his money back, then he would be asking for a refund. The main difference between a refund versus chargeback is that the merchant deals with the refund and the credit card issuing bank deals with the chargeback. However, there are other differences between the two types of money-returning transactions.

Learn More about a Refund Versus Chargeback

There is much more to learn about the differences between a refund versus chargeback. However, that will require you to continue on reading about Mary, Leroy, and George. You can learn about refund benefits, chargeback disadvantages, or when you should file a chargeback.

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