Merchant Account Affiliate Program

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Are you tired of being underpaid for your hard work? Or are you simply looking to earn a little extra cash? The Instabill Merchant Account Affiliate Program makes it easy to earn up to 50% residuals on each approved merchant account you send our way.

  • ✓  Free to Join
  • ✓  Free to Join
  • ✓  No Monthly Minimums
  • ✓  Non-Exclusive Partnership
  • ✓  30% Shares for Submitting Leads
  • ✓  50% for Submitting Applications

Start Working with Instabill Today

Complete the simple form to the right to sign up for our Merchant Account Affiliate Program. Once you return our signed non-exclusive partnership agreement, you will be able to start submitting leads and application packages. Maximize on your potential profit and start working with Instabill today!

Instabill Helps Merchants Worldwide

Most of our affiliates live in the United States and most of them work solely with US businesses. However, we occasionally receive inquiries from our affiliates regarding clients located in other countries. Although our office is in the US, we specialize in providing e-commerce merchant accounts for business owners worldwide. So, if your clients are looking for a tax-free merchant account or they reside in another country, Instabill can help.

Sending Application Packages and Merchant Leads

There are multiple ways affiliates can send application packages and merchant leads to the Instabill Merchant Account Affiliate Program.

  • Submit an Application Package: Email complete application packages to Our in-house underwriting department will review the application match your client with one of our trusted banking partners.
  • Submit a Lead: The quickest way to submit a lead is to call us at 1-800-318-2713. Tell us your client's name, email address, telephone number, and website and our account managers will do the rest. Alternatively, you can email us the same information at
  • Co-Branded Landing Page: For affiliates who do not have their own website, Instabill will host a co-branded landing page for you at no cost. Refer your merchants to sign up through your co-branded page so you can receive credit for the lead.

To learn more about how Instabill can help board your hard-to-place merchants through our Merchant Account Affiliate Program, visit us at today.

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Sign Up For Free

If you are ready to learn more about opening an Internet merchant account with true credit card processing experts, fill out our short form below and one of our merchant account specialists will contact you within one business day.